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"Best in Class Lubricant doesn't have to cost as much as Liquid Gold"

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Lubricant cost is one of the highest, most controllable costs associated with compressors. The challenge is that there are a million and one lubricants and most are not as good as the OEMs.

Ingersoll Rand and Sullair set the bar high when it comes to compressor lubricants with their Ultracoolant™ and Sullube 32™. These pioneering fluids improved the reliability and reduced the cost of operation radically over existing compressor oils.  

But that was over 20 years ago.  

Still, those two lubricants are arguably the best OEM fluids in the market.

The problem is that the price of the lubricants keeps ratcheting up. This in turn brought in all kinds of replacement oils, most of which are inferior to the genuine OEM fluids. Poor luck with the alternates drove clients back into the arms of the OEMs and their escalating prices. 

Enter Enduralube™. Formulated by one of the top compressor lubricant specialists in the world, it’s a ready replacement for OEM polyglycol fluids that isn’t just equal, it’s better. 

Equivalent Reliability - Enduralube was formulated by the lubricant engineer responsible for the two most popular compressor lubricants over the last twenty years. His knowledge of compressed air lubrication requirements and lubricant chemistry allowed him to formulate an upgrade to the existing compressor lubricants.

Compatible Chemistry – The lubricant is similar enough that it can be used as a top off for Ultracoolant™ or Sullube 32™ and does not require a flush.

Equal Performance at a Significantly Reduced Cost – Enduralube 8k is an 8000-hour lubricant with a similar chemistry to the OEM polyglycol lubricants.

Better Performance at a Significantly Reduced Cost – Enduralube UL is a 12000-hour lubricant with similar chemistry to the OEM polyglycol lubricants. The primary differences are a more stable molecule in the base stock and a stronger additive package.

Greater Environmental Friendliness - Polyglycols have always been known as the most environmentally friendly lubricants in the market as most wastewater bugs feast on the lubricant. Enduralube takes environ- mental friendliness a step further and eliminates barium in the additive package making it even more sewage friendly than the existing products in the market.

Varnish Free Performance - Varnish free means that your separator will last longer, and the machine will run cooler for even greater reliability and life.

Additional Benefits of Enduralube
High Viscosity Index
Low Carryover – Minimal Make up Gasket and Seal Friendly
Reduced Corrosion,    Foam and Emulsivity




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