Enduralube 46 is a blend of DB 10K Series - Group 3 Hydrotreated plus ester. It is long life compressor lubricant to replace OEM PAO and other Synthetic fluids which are not PAG or Silicone.

Enduralube 46 Rotary Compressor Lubricant (5 Gal.)

  • Enduralube 46 is blended from premium quality base stocks coupled with state-of-the-art additive technology resulting in improvements in
    performance beyond other compressor fluids.

    • Extremely low carry over
    • High VI for superior low and high temperature performance
    • No deposit or varnish formation in coolers, bearings, or separators.
    • Excellent corrosion protection
    • Oxidative stability for long life
    • Outstanding lubricity for long air end life
  • Enduralube 46 is blended from readily biodegradable basestocks. Disposal of used fluid should be done in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.

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