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Lubricants evolved so that they could better handle heat, improve reliability, ​seal effectively and be as environmentally friendly as possible. Enduralube is the ultimate in compressor lubricants providing:

  • Extended life over OEM lubricants

  • Non varnishing operation due to a high flash point

  • High Temperature operation due to high thermal conductivity

  • High viscosity index for stable performance across all temperature ranges

  • Low oil carryover to keep maintenance costs to a minimum

One of the dirty secrets of the compressed air industry is that while the lubricants come in a five gallon pails or 55 gallon drums, some of the suppliers provide less than the full volume since they often fill by weight and not volume. We measured one prominent non OEM supplier and their fill was less than 4.5 gallons! But don’t take our word for it, you can measure it for yourself. With Enduralube, you get a full 5 gallons!​

Enduralube is what happens when the retired chemist who was responsible for formulating and blending the world’s most popular OEM lubricant gets together with the former global product manager for the world’s largest compressor company. That former product manager runs an independent consulting company, Compressed Air Consultants, who’s sole focus is reducing the cost of compressed air systems to end customers. And since lubricant is the single greatest maintenance cost and has the highest mark up of any part or accessory, it is and was a natural target.

Both knew the importance of a quality lubricant and also knew the games between the inflated mark up and the borderline fraudulent volume game. Out of that, Enduralube was born.

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