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Expert Formulation

OEM Performance at a Reasonable Price

Enduralube is what happens when the retired chemist who was responsible for formulating and blending the world’s most popular OEM lubricant gets together with the former global product manager for the world’s largest compressor company.

That former product manager runs an independent consulting company, Compressed Air Consultants, who’s sole focus is reducing the cost of compressed air systems to end customers. And since lubricant is the single greatest maintenance cost and has the highest mark up of any part or accessory, it is and was a natural target.

Both knew the importance of a quality lubricant and also knew the games between the inflated mark up and the borderline fraudulent volume game. Out of that, Enduralube was born.

Varnish Free Performance

Varnish is the ultimate enemy of the compressor. It plugs cooler tubes and separators, and can block the bearing orifices, starving the bearings of lubrication. PAG based fluids prevent varnish, and will even remove some varnish from existing deposits.

Efficient Cooling

PAG and Ester Lubricants have a higher heat capacity and thermal conductivity. This can result in a difference of about 10 degrees F in machines which are in hot environments that foul coolers.

Environmentally Friendly

The fluid contains no regulated heavy metals, which would make it a concern for disposal. Enduralube is biodegradable according to the most common testing methods of biodegradability.

Corrosion Protection

The compressor always has water in it. Excellent corrosion protection is necessary to prevent bearings from pitting when the machine is shut down. Low Carry Over The fluid has to have a low volatility, to allow the separator to effectively prevent it from being lost downstream.

Extended Life

The expected life of Enduralube UL is 12,000 hours, or 50% longer than typical 8,000-hour OEM compressor fluids. It is especially advantageous in high temperature applications and does not leave a varnish or sludge residue as often happens with polyalphaolefin (PAO) or mineral oil-based products.

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