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The Corrosion Handler® handles applications where the condensate has a corrosive action (from a gas like CO2 or an aggressive liquid component from a process) and/or the environment is corrosive to the trap product (such as cement factories or oil rig operations at sea). The specifications shown represent two (2) of the more than 80 Corrosion Handler® trap options available in this line.

Corrosion Handler

  • Part Number CH50-0LAA1
    Inlet/Outlet (in) 1/2 NPT
    Control Air (in) 1/4 NPT
    Balance Line (in) 1/8 NPT
    Max Liquid Temperature - F (C°) 170 (76.7)
    Max Liquid Pressure - PSIG (BARG) 170 (11.7)
    Control Air Min - PSIG (BARG) 40 (2.8)
    Control Air Max - PSIG (BARG) 130 (9.0)
    Max Flow at 100 PSIG (GPM) 1.5
    Weight - lbs (kg) 21 (9.5)

    Dimensions - in (cm)

    Height 11 (27.9)
    Width 9-1/4 (23.5)
    Depth 10-1/2 (26.7)
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